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you want to control your design&build

you want to pay less for a great design

you can make decisions and don't change them?


you can ask council about min. requirements

you can follow up engineers

you can engage builder and

you can control pricing and contracts

Architecture is a very personal service. Ideally we would get to know each other and with good understanding of your families needs and lifestyle, you will get a personalised, tailored design that will not only fulfil your immediate requirements, but also inspire and nurture for years to come. 

But in todays busy and expensive lives, where time is everyones greatest asset, not often we can afford to spend as much time as one would like in creating your dream home. Great questions can provide great answers and this is why I created a range of forms and questionniers. See below... You can answer these questions in your own time and by taking some of the design/procurement tasks into your own hands, we can focus only on the core of the design service, providing you with the best possible design service with min. time spent on less necessary things. 

For example we would not meet in person for the initial briefing, you would provide us with answers as per the questioner, get all the site related answers from the local council by attending the pre-application meeting, you will provide full site survey and geotechnical report etc. As a results we aim to provide you with one of a kind home design, tailored to your needs, but for a smaller fee. 

Modern House Exterior

Family Home*

Single Story

Flat section


Timber trusses 

Flat ceiling

Beautiful Villa


Single Story

Flat section

Contemporary design

Flat, mono or double pitched roof


outside of house


Multy Story or Split Level or Hill Site

Contemporary design

Flat, mono or double pitched roof


*exclusions apply 

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