ArchiCation is a series of Webinars, smart selection of knowledge that will help an architect by summarising what is important in good design, but also help a client/homeowner to quickly gain important knowledge when building the dream home. Wide range of topics can be overwhelming when first approaching building and design. This is where the ArchiCation can help you. Simplifying the complicated, extracting the important and presenting this in a universally understandable "no-high-tech language". Click on pictures below to see the main topics.  


"How to succeed in NZ design industry "

Here is a free webinar, where I explain my story of ups and downs when first starting as a designer in NZ. After many sleepless nights, I managed to succeed and I would like to make your life easier by sharing my story.  

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"NZBC Hit the ground running"

Learn the basics about NZ building code in extremely short time. Time is money and this webinar will save you heaps. 


"Building Science"

Here we will look into building science in general, review how NZ environment is different to rest of the world, have a quick chat about recent market prices to be able to make these critical decisions cost effectively 


"NZS3604 timber building standard"

This huge standard is not only huge as in how many pages this book has, but also how often it is used and how important it is in NZ building environment. It can take years to learn how to use it, but I have a smart plan to offer quick overview, so you can be up and running much much quicker. 


"Designing with SIP panels"

Structural insulated panels are an up an coming construction method in NZ. Very cost effective, while also achieving great building performance. Being a modular system it introduces some new challenges for architects, that were not quite as important with other building systems. But again, I do believe things can be simple and after designing number of SIP building in NZ, I have a set of rules that will simplify your life and make you a proper SIP designer. 


"Office Hierarchy and design process"

NZ is unique in many things, and architecture is no different. There is a unique set of responsibilities and roles in standard project or architectural practice. Also we will look at a typical design process. Concept design, Preliminary, Quantity Surveying, Developed and Detailed design, application for building consent, resource consent etc etc... But don't worry, all we need is a bit of a list; structure... I prepared that earlier and am happy to share this with you, so it becomes the core of your success. 


"Recommendation Letter"

More than anywhere else in the world, in NZ it is important to gain trust. People list many things in their CV, but its hard to know how much of it is actually true. To help you prove your self, I formed a testing system, where you can test your knowledge and this will enable me to provide a personalised recommendation letter, describing the knowledge you have and the skills your future employer will be able to expect. 


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